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Vivacare Patient Education Service Highly Rated by Doctors
September 26, 2011

90% of physicians appreciate the Vivacare patient education service as a supplement to their practice Websites and over 90% seek detailed medication information from pharmaceutical firms, including medication rebate coupons.

91.5% of physician users of Vivacare "like", "really like", or "love" the patient education service, according to a new physician survey results published today by the company.

Vivacare Patient Education Survey Results 2011

Vivacare provides physicians with personalized patient handouts ("eHandouts") that can be easily displayed on the doctors' own websites for convenient access by patients. Following office appointments, doctors tell patients to ... "Go to my Website to learn about your diagnosis and treatment options." Pharmaceutical and medical device firms are provided the opportunity to distribute product information and medication rebate coupons through Vivacare's patient education platform.

An online survey of 50 physician users of Vivacare was completed in September that showed that over 90% appreciate the patient education service. More than 95% of the doctors stated that the Vivacare service improves clinical care, patient satisfaction, and patient convenience. In addition, over 90% of respondents stated that the information they receive improves medication compliance.

When asked what medication information would be most helpful for their patients, physicians said they would like instructions on how to use the medication (93%) and how the medication works (95%). Importantly, 90% said that rebate coupons regarding the medications they prescribe would be a "helpful" or "very helpful" addition to their website.

"This is one of the best things we have done for our practice," said Eliot Mostow, M.D. of Akron Dermatology who has made Vivacare patient handouts available on his dermatology practice Website.

"Physicians remain the most trusted source of health information, but often lack the time and resources to consistently educate their patients." said Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician and founder of Vivacare. "Vivacare makes it easy for physicians to offer their patients practical and relevant health information that improves clinical care, patient satisfaction and medication adherence."

Doctors Are Preferred Source of Health Information, New Vivacare Survey Shows
October 4, 2010

Patients seeking health information online will most likely refer to their own doctor's Website, and 87% report that online access to patient handouts is helpful.

When asked what Website they were most likely to visit when seeking health information, 65.2% of the survey respondents said that they were "most likely" to refer to their own doctor's Website.

Patients reported being more likely to visit their doctor's site than WebMD (48.7%), professional organizations (47.4%), the National Library Medicine (27.3%), Wikipedia (23.3%),and insurance companies (18.2%). Only 5.4% respondents stated that they were "most likely" to refer to a pharmaceutical company Website.

A 2010 Harris Poll, reported that 62% of all U.S. adults looked for health information online last month. According to this new survey from Vivacare, the majority of these health consumers would prefer to get that information directly from their own doctor.

Dr. Daniel Siegel, a dermatologist in private practice at Long Island Skin and Dermatologic Surgery has enhanced his practice Website with a collection of patient handouts regarding acne, actinic keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and skin cancer.

As evidence that the Vivacare service reaches health consumers at the point of care, 60.2% of respondents stated that they were an existing patient of the practice and 62.4% reported having an appointment to see the physician within the following 6 months. 87.5% of respondents stated that they found access to health information on their doctor's Websites to be either "very" or "moderately" helpful.

The survey was conducted in September 2010 and completed by 105 visitors to dermatologists' Websites. 74% of the respondent were between the ages of 30 and 70 years old.

3,000 Dermatologists Promote Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention on Their Websites
May 5, 2010

Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed of all cancers and dermatologists are providing their patients with new, in-depth resources in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month to educate them about the importance of prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

Skin cancer resources now include patient handouts about pre-cancerous skin lesions called actinic keratoses, different types of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and others), skin cancer medications (5-FU, imiquimod) and skin cancer treatments, such as Mohs surgery.

There are also patient-oriented references about skin cancer prevention and early detection when treatment is most likely to be successful. These include patient handouts on sunscreens, sun protection, the dangers of indoor tanning, and steps on how to perform a skin self-exam, including access to a body mole map.

In honor of the public effort to raise skin cancer awareness, Vivacare has expanded the skin cancer information made available to the 3,000 dermatologists using Vivacare's “From Your Doctor” patient education service. Dermatologists use Vivacare to enhance their own practice Websites with customizable patient handouts, patient eNewsletters, and other resources to help patients better understand and manage their skin conditions.

Over 3,000 dermatologists enrolled for Vivacare
April 19, 2010

In February of 2010, over 3000 dermatologists enrolled for Vivacare's free, Web-based patient education services. An additional 600 dermatology Physician Assistants (PAs) have been enrolled for the service in association with their dermatology practices.

Vivacare has been reaching this medical specialty through a variety of channels, including direct mail, email, print advertising, and medical meeting exhibits. The best response has been through word-of-mouth promotions by the doctors themselves.

The service has received very positive feedback from clinicians. Dermatologists have promoted Vivacare to their colleagues via personal email and professional listservs.

The increased number of dermatologist users of Vivacare's “From Your Doctor” service enables Vivacare to provide its dermatologists with more robust educational content and its expands the reach of patient-oriented content on behalf of Vivacare's partners.

Dermatologists Use Vivacare to Deliver Rosacea Education for Rosacea Awareness Month
April 9, 2010

Rosacea afflicts 16 million Americans and most of them don't know it, but the public can now learn more about this chronic skin disorder from their own dermatologist.

The National Rosacea Society has designated April as Rosacea Awareness Month to alert the public of the warning signs of rosacea and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. In support of this effort, Vivacare has provided in-depth rosacea education resources to the 3,000 dermatologists that use Vivacare's “From Your Doctor” patient education service.

Dermatologists use Vivacare to enhance their own practice Websites with customizable patient handouts, patient eNewsletters, and other resources to help patients better understand and manage their skin conditions.

“Our goal is to help physicians help their patients,” said Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician and President of Vivacare. “We make it easy for doctors to direct patients to relevant and practical health information that supports the doctor's clinical perspective and professional approach to care.” Dr. Becker added that “by providing dermatologists with in-depth resources about rosacea, we help them inform their communities about this under diagnosed skin condition and the availability of safe and effective treatments.”

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