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Tips from Akron Dermatology
Sunscreen tips
I like to take a pragmatic approach to sunscreen use. Especially for men, the first step is to own some sunscreen and have it where you need it! Put some in your golf bag or with your running shoes or...
What are AKs? How to Prevent Them?
You can think of an AK lesion as a marker for an area of the skin that is at higher risk for turning into a skin cancer (primarily squamous cell carcinomas) than the surrounding skin.Studies have prov...
Stellara® Treatment for Psoriasis
In my experience, Stelara® is generally very effective at controlling psoriasis symptoms.I may prescribe Stelara® to my patients with psoriasis in the following circumstances:When a psoriasis patient ...
Biologics for the Treatment of Psoriasis
I like to tell my psoriasis patients that we are living in an era that offers alot more effective treatment options for what used to be a huge “hassle” to manage.So called “biologic” therapy describes...
Acne in Adult Women
A study of acne in adult women showed that acne lesions appeared in the same pattern as seen in teenagers with acne. Over 90% of women with acne had pimples and precursors to pimples on the face. Thi...
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