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Healthy Skin All Year Long

As we head toward spring, some of you may be wondering what you need to do for your skin to keep it healthy and younger-looking. Fortunately, no matter what the season, the three basics of healthy skin care remain the same. Only the emphasis and prioritization need change. They are adequate sun protection, appropriate moisturization, and proper cleansing.

In the autumn and winter, with cold chapping weather outdoors, and drying heating indoors, you need to focus on keeping your skin well-lubricated at all times. This means remembering to apply your favorite moisturizing lotion at least twice daily, and best immediately after a gentle washing and drying, while the skin is still moist to wet.This helps to lock in the moisture soaked up by the skin during washing. Look for heavier creams and moisturizers as these will better protect your skin from the elements.

You should avoid using polyester scrub sponges or even wash cloths since they may excessively rub and abrade the skin and strip it of the sebum and natural moisturizing factors that are so vital for its health and youthful. appearance. And be sure to look for cleansers formulated for dry or sensitive skin. They do a nice job of cleaning, but are less likely to dissolve away your natural oils. Use lukewarm (tepid) water, rather than very hot water is another way to limit overly degreasing the skin. Remember, your skin is not a greasy steak plate and should not be scrubbed until it is sqeaky clean.

Naturally if you plan to head for the slopes, don’t forget to apply a sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF factor of at least 30. Despite the season, the sun can be quite strong and damaging at higher altitudes. You can get quite a nasty sunburn despite the bitter outdoor temperatures. To protect your skin from biting winds, consider a sunscreen with a creamier base.

Spring and summer, when the sun is overhead and at its strongest, shifts the emphasis to sun protection first and foremost. You must apply SPF 30 or higher products when out golfing, playing tennis or swimming. And you should reapply them as often as every two hours, especially during the hours of 10am-2pm when the sun’s rays are the most direct and most damaging. You should never leave yourself unprotected. Use products with at least an SPF 15 even for short walks between building or your ten minute coffee break outdoors. 

Owing to the higher temperatures and humidity, you might find your need for moisturizers less at this time of year. But frequent chlorine pool swimming, which can dry and irritate skin, and air conditioning, which can further dehydrate it, make it extremely important to moisturize regularly. Looking for sunscreens that contain a rich moisturizing base is a great way to combine adequate sun protection with appropriate moisturization.

If you are overdoing sun exposure or chlorine swimming or spending excessive time near the air conditioner, it would be wise to restrict overzealous washing and scrubbing and stick to less drying sensitive skin cleansers. Forget the wash cloth or scrub brush and wash gently only with your fingertips. Finally, look for fragrance-free products, whenever possible, since these are less harsh on dry or sun-damaged skin. 

In short, if you keep in mind the three basics of good skin care, you will have healthier and younger-looking skin no matter what the season.

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