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Ammonium Persulfate Allergy

Where is ammonium persulfate found?

Ammonium persulfate is an oxidizing agent and is used in cleaners for laboratory glassware. It is also used as an oxidating agent for vat dyes and in the bleaching and discoloring of oil. It is also used as a hair bleaching agent.

How can you avoid contact with ammonium persulfate?

Avoid products that list any of the following names in the ingredients:

  • peroxydisulfate
  • persulfate
  • peroxydisulfate
  • peroxydisulphate
  • peroxymonosulfate
  • monopersulfate

What are some products that may contain ammonium persulfate?

  • Oxidizers
  • Pools and Hot Tubs

Individuals with ammonium persulfate allergy can also have cross-reactions to potassium peroxymonopsulfate (PPMS). 

PPMS is a potassium triple salt (2KHSO5 • KHSO4 • K2SO4) which is used as an oxidizing compound in pools and a “shock” treatment for hot tubs.