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Cosmetic Dermatology,
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Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.
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About Me

Nelson Lee Novick, MD is a board-certified NYC dermatologist providing care to patients in New York City with offices in the Upper East Side.

Dr. Nelson also serves as Clinical Professor 
of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, Attending Physician, and a former OPD Clinic Chief within the department of dermatology of the Medical Center.

Dr. Novick has been honored with listings in Who's Who in America for more than two decades, and he has been listed in Consumer Research Council of America’s Guide to America’s Top Physicians--2003-2006 and Guide To America’s Top Dermatologists--2007-2008.

He has also received awards from his peers, including for Excellence in Teaching; Outstanding Patient Care; and the American Academy of Dermatology’s prestigious Leadership Circle Award.

Dr. Nelson Novick has been the author and senior editor of numerous scientific articles, medical textbooks and chapters. In addition, he has written nine trade books, over a hundred articles, and more than a half dozen audiotapes on skin care. He has by-lined for many popular magazines and newspapers, such as Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest, served as an FAQ expert for WebMD.com.

Medical Expertise

Dr. Novick specializes in cosmetic dermatology with particular expertise in the use of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, non-surgical facelifts, botulinum toxin (Botox), and dermal fillers (Juvederm).

Conditions Treated

Aging Skin & Wrinkles
Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatitis
Hair Loss (Balding)
Seborrheic Keratosis
Skin Cancer

Procedures & Services

Botox® Cosmetic
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Resurfacing
Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Latisse® (bimatropost ophthalmic solution)
Sculptra® Aesthetic
Tattoo Removal
Tissue Tightening
Tumescent Liposuction

Tips & Wisdom

Treating Acne with Over-the-Counter Medications
Over the counter (OTC) anti-acne therapies do have their place in acne control.Typically containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or astringent -- ingredients which have proven safe and effective through the years -- nonprescription acne medications can be especially useful for those suffering from minor, scattered acne breakouts.On the other hand, for those plagued by persistent and widespread flares or deep, cystic, painful, and potentially scarring outbreaks, there can be no substitute fo...
Latisse for Longer Eyelashes
In my experience, LatisseĀ® has proven to be an effective and relatively easy-to-use product for promoting true eyelash growth and lengthening.Since there is no FDA requirement for prior ophthalmologic examination, and reports of eye problems quite rare, most of us who prescribe the product routinely do not request an eye check prior to initiating treatment. However, as a rule, I am cautious about prescribing it to anyone with a history of eye inflammation of any kind, rosacea (an adult acne cond...
Dermatologist-Recommended Soap Tips
Toilet soap, which is available in opaque bars, is plain old soap and is composed of the salts of animal or vegetable fats and olive oils (tallow). Palm kernel or coconut oils are often added to enhance lathering. About half of all currently available toilet soaps are milled soaps. Milling is the process by which soap chips are thoroughly blended and then compressed by machinery into bars to ensure that moisture is removed and the basic ingredients and additives are evenly distributed. Ivory is ...
Acne Skin Care Tips
Use mild soaps and don’t overwash or overscrub your skin. Avoid abrasive sponges or washcloths. Use only oil-free moisturizers, oil-free or gel foundations, and powder or gel blushes. Don’t pick, squeeze, or pop your pimples. When in doubt, or if your problem is severe, seek professional help. Restrict astringents to occasional and sparing use. It is important to reemphasize here that vigorous scrubbing, the use of harsh soaps (and so-called acne soaps), and the use...
Aging Skin - What You Need to Know
Most people could easily describe the outward appearance of an aging face: changes in facial shape; increased prominence of certain features, such as the nose; decrease in the vertical height of the mouth; recession of the gums and teeth; and loss of hair and skin color. In addition, you frequently find accentuation or wrinkling of the natural action lines of the face, sagging, jowl and pouch formation, generalized dryness (often severe), and laxity and inelasticity of the skin. Dermatologic ...

Patient Education Resources

An All Natural Way for Eliminating Scars and Wrinkles
Dermaspacing, also known as subcision, by contrast, is a simple, safe and rapid office procedure designed to stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen. Until very recently, traditional treatments for wrinkles and depressed scars involved the use of soft tissue filler substances, such as injectable collagen replacement therapy or hyaluronic acid, also referred to as soft tissue augmentation. These treatments require the injection of purified materials directly under the ...
Cellulite - Overview
The term “cellulite” refers to unsightly, puckered or dimpled skin on the backs and sides of the thighs and buttocks. The appearance has been likened to that of cottage cheese or to a “peau d’orange” (an orange peel). Cellulite is largely seen in women, and current estimates suggest that more than 85% of women suffer from it. For this reason, it can perhaps be more aptly viewed as a normal female developmental characteristic. The exact caus...
Chemical Peels - Dr. Novick
Having been around for over a hundred years, chemical peels cannot be called something new. Nevertheless, they are certainly still extremely popular. In fact, peels of all kinds topped the list of the ten most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S., reaching a total rate of nearly 850,000 treatments per year at the turn of the new millenium. Whether used by themselves or combined with other rejuvenation techniques, chemical peels, particularly "lunchtime peels," the subj...
Cosmetic Uses of Botox
Few would argue that Botox injections are the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic procedure, with over 3 million administered last year in the United States alone. Type-A exotoxin, or Botox Cosmetic®, marketed by Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA, is produced, perhaps surprisingly, by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum,  the cause of botulism. While skin researchers have demonstrated that wrinkles in the aging face are clearly related to the accumulated effects of excessive sun...
Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis) - Dr. Novick
An estimated 10 million Americans suffer from onychomycosis, or nail fungus infection. Affected fingernails or toenails are typically discolored a dirty yellow and appear thickened, distorted or crumbly. In time large amounts of debris may accumulate underneath the nail plate leading to onycholysis, or separation of the nail from the bed below. Nail fungus infections can be caused by a variety of microscopic plant life. Dermatophytes, the same fungal organisms responsible for common superfici...
Getting Rid of Acne Scars
Acne scarring, which may result from severe cases of acne or from undue delay in getting appropriate treatment, is estimated to affect to a greater or lesser extent some 95 percent of acne sufferers. All types of acne, from simple pimples and pustules to the deep painful cystic varieties, can cause scarring. Therefore, appropriate anti-acne treatments must be started early enough to prevent this. Happily, these days, should scarring occur, one need not despair. A...
Healthy Skin All Year Long
As we head toward spring, some of you may be wondering what you need to do for your skin to keep it healthy and younger-looking. Fortunately, no matter what the season, the three basics of healthy skin care remain the same. Only the emphasis and prioritization need change. They are adequate sun protection, appropriate moisturization, and proper cleansing. In the autumn and winter, with cold chapping weather outdoors, and drying heating indoors, you need to focus on keeping...
Microdermabrasion - Dr. Novick
In a recent  American Society for Dermatologic Surgery survey of nearly nine hundred women conducted to determine what makes people comfortable about cosmetic surgery,  it was learned that safety, minimal invasiveness, quick recovery, few side effects and convenience were some of the more important concerns. Somewhat surprisingly, degree of improvement ranked lowest on the list, with fewer than 10% of the respondents expressing significant concern about this. This may explain the allur...
More than Plain Dandruff
Seborrheic dermatitis is one of those dermatologic conditions that is just SO common and widespread that is hard to even know precisely just how many people really suffer from it. Estimates are difficult to make since it is likely that many people with milder forms of the problem never seek medical attention. You may recognize this condition as either plain dandruff, or as  “dry,” red, intensely itchy scalp, or as a mounds of greasy scales  and painful, bleeding scabs. But ...
Non-Surgical Chest Enhancement and Breastlifting
Although the harmful effects of sun exposure are usually seen two or more decades later, eighty percent of the lifetime damage to the skin by ultraviolet radiation is believed to occur before the age of eighteen. This includes the development of roughened, coarse, leathery, wrinkled skin, a patchwork of pigmentary loss and unsightly brown spots, and an overall diminution in tone and elasticity owing to depletion and disruption of both the elastic and collagen fibers in the dermis that give the s...

Professional Affiliations

Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

Dr. Nelson Novick provides dermatology care for patients in the Upper East Side of New York City and at the Cosmedispa location in Israel. 

Our office appreciates the opportunity to serve you and to meet your special skin care needs. Our goals are to combine personalized attention with the highest quality of professional care using the latest proven therapeutic advances, techniques and methods for:

  • Treating Hair, Skin, and Nail Problems
  • Achieving Total Facial, Neck, Chest and Hand Rejuvenation without surgery