About Vivacare

Vivacare makes it easy for medical professionals to deliver meaningful health information at the point of care, leading to improved clinical care and patient satisfaction.



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What Medical Professionals Say About Vivacare

“We love Vivacare”

“We find the service to be the top for dermatology patient information.”

“We appreciate patients doing all of their research within the ‘confines’ of our website”

“Patients really enjoy it”

“I am very impressed”

“Support is exceptional”

Patient Education Partners

Vivacare collaborates with health care organizations to deliver patient education resources at the point of care and provide medical professionals with a valued service. Partner supported programs are educational in nature. Vivacare does not display advertisements.

Partnership inquiries at partnership@vivacare.com

Vivacare Team

The Vivacare management team is experienced developing a wide range of digital health programs for medical professionals

Mark Becker, M.D. – President

Dr. Mark Becker is a pediatrician and founder of Vivacare. Dr. Becker previously co-founded Salu Inc., a provider of digital health solutions to independent medical practices, including practice websites, e-prescribing, secure patient messaging, and patient portals. Dr. Becker provided clinical direction to the product development team and supported business development efforts with major pharmaceutical firms. Dr. Becker also managed programs developed in collaboration with major professional organizations. Salu Inc. and its Skinstore division was sold to Walgreens in 2006. Dr. Becker graduated from Stanford University with honors in Human Biology, with a focus in medical anthropology.

Mary Ann Walker – VP, Physician Services

Mary Ann Walker manages the customer support team responsible for serving the needs of enrolled professionals and helping them make the most of the Vivacare service. Ms. Walker also oversees member communications and manages operations in the company’s Portland office.