What to Expect / How It Works

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It’s simple to educate and engage your patients

  • Enroll now to create a free Vivacare account. (You must be a medical professional or represent a U.S.-based health organization.)
  • Upon approval, you will receive a Vivacare account and personalized Health Library. (Approval may take 1-2 business days.)
  • Your Health Library will display patient education handouts and videos relevant to your medical specialty.
  • Log-in to your Vivacare account to add/remove health topics from display and publish your own content.
  • The content displayed on your Health Library is also available on your mobile app.
  • Display the Health Library on your website to provide patients with easy access to helpful content and learn about your mobile app.
  • Contact Vivacare for assistance customizing the content and displaying the Library on your website
  • Start telling patients to download your mobile app. Patients download the App Store from the App Store and enter your  unique “code” to access your doctor-recommended resources.
  • Upgrade to premium-level mobile app for additional patient engagement features, such as a custom patient satisfaction survey.