Patient Education Content & Sources

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Over 2,000 health topics covering a wide range of medical conditions, tests, medications, procedures and general health topics.

Types of Patient Education Content

  • Printable handouts
  • Videos
  • Spanish-language resources
  • Patient support tools
  • Links to reputable third-party websites

You control the information displayed and can customize the Library with your own patient handouts.

Sources of Patient Education Content

Vivacare has authored, licensed and collected patient education content from a variety of trusted sources, including:

Some content is licensed from medical publishers or provided by pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, such as a handout about a particular device or medication. The source of the content is made clear at the base of the Health Library and within your User Account where you can control the content.

Any content that does not reflect your approach to clinical care can be removed from display.

NOTE: There is no advertising displayed on the Health Library.