Your Mobile App for Skin Care Education

Offer patients your own innovative mobile app to improve patient care.

In-depth references and learning modules, such as “Psoriasis 101”, educate patients about the key points required to gain mastery of their health.
Personalized handouts and before & after photos inform patients of the cosmetic procedures you offer.

Experience more productive office visits by having patients download the mobile app before their appointment so that they are better prepared for their time with you.

After leaving the office, patients receive ongoing support to help them maintain skin health, such as medication savings and optional skin self-exam reminders.

The dermatology patient education resources are derived from multiple trusted sources, including federal health agencies (CDC, NIAMS), professional organizations and disease education and research groups.

The service is available at no cost to dermatology professionals.

You personalize the app with your own practice information and control the content distributed to patients.

Benefits for your medical practice

Create your own personal account or enroll your entire medical staff to offer patients a single practice-branded service.

Your Vivacare account offers additional benefits, such as a web-based “Health Library” with printable handouts and videos for display on your practice website. Make your own website and in-depth resources for patients and their families.

Contact Vivacare about optional features to support practice marketing and operations, such as practice announcements and collecting patient satisfaction surveys.

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