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Key Features

  • PATIENT EDUCATION: Printable handouts, videos, and Learning Guides
  • PATIENT SUPPORT TOOLS: Symptom management tools, medication savings & more
  • PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Control how you are depicted online. Share more about yourself and your clinical perspective to increase your visibility online.
  • PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY: Collect and display patient feedback (Optional)
  • PRACTICE INFORMATION: Digital maps and links to your Patient Portal and Virtual Visit service.

Patient Education

From You


Hundreds of patient education titles are available to prepare patients for their appointment and help them manage their care from home.

Patient education titles cover a wide range of clinical topics for over 15 medical specialties.

Trusted sources include Federal Health Agencies (CDC, NIH), Professional Organizations and Patient Support groups.

Allergy – Cardiology – Dermatology – Family Medicine – Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine – Nephrology – Neurology – Obstetrics & Gynecology – Ophthalmology – Pediatrics – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Psychiatry – Pulmonology – Rheumatology – Surgery – Urology


You control the content to reflect your approach to care.

Your Professional Profile

Patients want to know who you are and what you recommend.

Share your clinical expertise and training and highlight the conditions you treat and procedures you offer.

You can share details about your unique approach to patient care.

Share Your Tips & Wisdom

Share your thoughts regarding important clinical topics to educate your patients and increase your visibility online. Think of these as your own “Pearls of Wisdom” for patients.

For instance, you might share your thoughts on how to select/use sunscreen, or the importance of exercise for managing arthritis.

Medical Expert Tip with Patient Education

Patient Education ManagementEasy to Manage

Vivacare makes it easy to build and manage your own website. It’s easy as creating and managing your LinkedIn Profile or Facebook page.

Simply log-in to your account, personalize your Profile and customize your content.

Enhance Your Practice Website

Already have a practice website? Enroll for your Vivacare account and display elements of the service on your own website. Make your own website an in-depth resource for patients and your community.

Vivacare offers a variety of options for website integration, including a search “plug-in”.

Learn more about website integration.

Provide information to patients from the source they trust most….YOU!