Clobetasol, Topical

Clobetasol is a superpotent topical corticosteroid that is applied to the skin for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions.

Clobetasol is prescribed most frequently for the treatment of psoriasis and severe forms of eczema, such as contact dermatitis, or hand dermatitis.

Branded formulations of medications that include clobetasol include Clobex®, Temovate® and Vanos®.

Corticosteroids control the inflammation that leads to itching, swelling and redness. They are similar to natural hormones produced by the body.

Clobetasol is categorized as superpotent corticosteroid (Group 1) which means its is stronger and carries a greater risk of side effects than other topical corticosteroids. Resistant skin diseases, such a plaque psoriasis and lichen planus often require treatment with these more potent corticosteroids.

Due to increased risk of side effects associated with potent corticosteroids, the use of clobetasol is generally not recommended for periods longer than two weeks.

Corticosteroids can also cause some skin conditions to worsen, including rosacea, fungal infections, and scabies. If used for longer than one month, they can create additional skin disorders including perioral dermatitis and steroid-related acne. Speak to your doctor if your condition worsens while on treatment.

If your skin condition gets under control following the use of clobetasol, your doctor will recommend stopping its use, reducing the number of times it is applied each week, or taking a less potent formulation.

Use clobetasol exactly as directed by your doctor.

Read the medication guide that you receive with the medication for a complete list of possible side effects.

Speak with your doctor if you are concerned about possible side effects that you may be experiencing.

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