Indomethacin for Phototherapy

Phototherapy for psoriasis can cause redness and tenderness of the skin similar to a sunburn. The skin's reaction to the UV rays from light treatments control psoriasis and the appearance of the lesions on the skin.

Although effective, the skin irritation can be bothersome.

In some cases, anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin or indomethacin (Indocin), may be recommended to reduce the pain severity.

Topical corticosteroids may also applied prior to treatment to reduce the pain and severity of the skin reaction.

Indomethacin may be applied directly onto the skin when formulated into a solution.

Follow your doctor's instructions when applying indomethacin to the skin and let the doctor know if you did or did not use indomethacin prior to your light treatment.

The Indocin solution once made up has no preservative and should be replaced promptly.

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Last updated: 1/8/2019