Wet Dressings

Wet dressings are used at home to reduce the itching and redness of some skin conditions. The evaporation of water from the dressing helps cool the skin and assist in the healing of the skin.

  • Saturate a piece of gauze with tap water at room temperature. (If gauze is not available, fine a soft aborbent cloth, such as a handkerchief)
  • Squeeze any excess water from the dressing so that the gauze remains heavy, but not dripping.
  • Apply the wet dressing to the skin to be treated. If the fingers or toes are to be treated, weave the wet dressing around them to keep them separated. 
  • Dressing should not be allowed to dry out.  If the dressing dries out, resoak the gauze and reapply.
  • These wet dressings are to be applied to the skin for several minutes, multiple times each day.
  • Apply any medications to the skin after removing the wet dressing.
  • Follow specific instructions provided by your doctor

Do NOT cover the wet dressing with plastic or rubber sheeting because this will prevent the evaporation of the water.

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