Dr. Alexandra Zhang, M.D., FAAD

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Specializes in Mohs Surgery

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Dr. Alexandra Zhang, M.D., FAAD

Medical Expertise

Dr. Zhang specializes in the use of Mohs Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer.

Procedures & Services

About Me

Dr. Alexandra Yan Zhang, MD is a board-certified dermatologist providing care to patients at Akron Dermatology.

Dr. Zhang previously practiced dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic where where she practiced Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology. 

Education & Training

  • Medical Degree: Shanghai Medical University, China. 1998
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship - NIH NRSA:  Department of Dermatology, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)
  • Internal Medicine Internship: Department of Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland. Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)
  • Dermatology Residency.  Department of Dermatology, University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  • Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology (Mohs Surgery) Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic.

Akron Dermatology

Welcome to Akron Dermatology, where our team of doctors and staff offer a full range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic services to help you look and feel your best. We strive to provide care that is better than expected.

The practice was started by Eliot Mostow, MD, MPH in 1993, but later expanded to include Alexandra Zhang, MD and Gabriella Furfari, PA-C. Within this website, you will find the full range of services we provide as well as our team information. Our practice serves both adults and children.

Insurance & Payment

The patient’s insurance policy is a contract between the patient and his or her insurance company. However, all charges regardless of the insurance coverage are the patient’s responsibility and the patient is ultimately responsible for any unpaid balances. Akron Dermatology bills the patient’s insurance and makes every effort to ensure that claims are promptly and correctly processed. Akron Dermatology also bills patient’s secondary insurance when patients provide complete insurance information.

  • Patient co-pays are expected at the time of service, and any remaining payment is due in full. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards, (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover).
  • If patients can’t pay their balance, they are to contact the Billing Office. There are several ways a patient can pay their bill, including possible payment plans, and the Billing Office representative will work with the patient.
  • Payment for uninsured patients is expected at the time of service.
  • Cosmetic payments are due on the date of service and are never submitted to the insurance company.

Accepted Insurance

We accept the following insurance: Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, HealthSmart, Medical Mutual, Medicare, Summa, United Healthcare and several others. Please view our complete list here. Please contact our office at 330-535-7100 if you have any insurance questions.

Primary Location

Main Office
566 White Pond Drive, Suite E
Akron, Ohio, 44320
(330) 535-7100

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