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Mohs surgery and skin cancer, cosmetic dermatology, photodynamic therapy and the treatment of wrinkles and aging skin.

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In my view, over-the-counter acne medications may work for mild acne, however, many of these formulations are harsh. Under the expert care of a dermatologist, skincare regimens may be customized according to skin type. Thus, patient compliance is much greater by maximizing treatment results and minimizing side effects of acne treatment.

There are certain physician-dispensed acne treatment protocols that include highly effective products that cannot be obtained through prescriptions or pharmacies. Use of these specialized acne treatment protocols along with oral or systemic therapies frequently yields superior patient outcomes. Also, when medicines are not sufficient alone, the dermatologist is there to intervene with more effective adjuvant procedural management of more stubborn acne.

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Not all sunscreens are created equal. Many sunscreens on the market offer only UVB protection without any UVA protection. Some sunscreens that claim broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB may not offer adequate UVA protection. This is because there is no universally accepted UVA rating scale in place as there is for UVB, i.e. the SPF rating scale. UVA is just as important as UVB, both cause skin cancers, and UVA is primarily what leads to accelerated photo- or sun-induced aging of the skin.

Here is what to look for when evaluating sunscreens:

A High SPF rating of at least 30 for UVB protection when planning outdoor activities. An SPF of 15 is adequate for daily routines involving minor incidental UV exposure.

A broad spectrum UVA/UVB water resistant sunblock which containsMexoryl is superior to a non stabilized chemical sunscreen which degrades readily with UVA exposure. Another sunscreen agent that is highly photo stable is zinc oxide. When this is micronized, it is invisible or cosmetically acceptable.

Because evaluating sunscreens can be confusing, here are some specific brand recommendations available in this office:

Elta sunblocks: these contain Z-cote and are cosmetically elegant formulations that are non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and effective lightweight highly absorbent moisturizers. Coupled with UVB screeners and Z-cote, Elta brand products offer complete broad spectrum UV protection.

Anthelios: This FDA approved sunscreen is an effective daily sunscreen and moisturizer. It contains Mexoryl, a unique highly photostable UVA protectant that is combined with stabilized avobenzone for complete UVA protection. It also contains multiple UVB sunscreens and offers an SPF of 60. Anthelios is available as a fluid for the face with a matte finish and cream for the face or body.

Melashade E: is a combination of micronized Titanium andZincoxides, fortified with the powerful anti-oxidant Melanin, Vitamins C, E and ferulic acid ester in anemollient silicone elastomer vehicle. It contains Petrolatum and Barrier Repair Lipids making this ideal daily facial photoprotection for patients with drier skin types.

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About Me

Christine Brown, M.D., is a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon providing medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology care to patients in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Brown specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, the gold standard for treatment of skin cancer.  Trained by nationally renowned dermatologist John Zitelli, M.D., Dr. Brown is among the top in her field.  After completing a highly prestigious fellowship with Zitelli, Dr. Brown was voted one of the “Top Doctors in America.” Since the founding of her practice at Baylor University Medical Center, Dr. Christine Brown has performed more than 20,000 Mohs and reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Christine Brown also offers her patients a full array of techniques.  Dr. Brown’s practice includes photodynamic therapy for acne (PDT), rosacea, and sun damage, as well as the laser removal of wrinkles, age spots, birthmarks, hair, dilated vessels, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, and soft tissue augmentation.

Dermatology Professional Affiliations
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Medical Council
  • Leaders Society Dermatology Foundation
  • Dallas County Medical Society
  • Dallas Dermatology Society
  • Dallas Womens Dermatology Society
  • Dermatology Surgery Task Force of the American Academy of Dermatology


Christine Brown, M.D.

Dr. Christine Brown offers medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology care to patients in the Dallas area.

Dr. Brown also specializes in Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer.


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