Dr. Daniel Katz, MD

Physician Neurology

Specializes in Clinical Neurophysiology, Pediatric Neurology

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Dr. Daniel Katz, MD

Medical Expertise

Dr. Katz specializes in child neurology - diagnosing, treating and managing neurological disorders of children, including epilepsy and headaches and performing EMGs tests to evaluate neuromuscular conditions.

Professional Affiliations

About Me

Daniel Katz, MD is a board-certified neurologist providing care to patients in Topeka Kansas.

Education & Training

  • Medical School: University of Texas Medical School
  • Pediatric Residency: St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Neurology Residency: Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital
  • Fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship: Southwestern Medical School
  • Fellowship in Child Neurology: University of Cincinnati Affiliated Hospital


Stormont Vail Health

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901 Garfield Avenue,
Topeka, Kansas, 66606

(785) 368-0448

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