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Hives 101

"Hives" describes an allergic reaction that appears anywhere on the body as a red and bumpy rash. The bumps may be referred to as “welts” or “wheals” and can arise anywhere on the body.

Hives can be VERY itchy and can burn or sting.

The medical term for hives is “urticaria”

Hives have a tendency to move around the body. An area of redness or itching may last just a few hours in one spot before fading away and developing somewhere else.

Hives are very common and many people will experience hives at least once in their lives.

“Angioedema” is a type of hives that develops in the deeper tissues and can lead to significant swelling, usually on the face. Rapidly developing angioedema is a medical emergency.

The rash caused by hives may appear and then fade from different locations.
TRUE. The rash of hives can migrate from one location to another, fading from one area while appearing in another.

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