Online Directory Highlights Dermatologists Who Share Their Skin Care Expertise

Vivacare’s Medical Expert Directory enables patients to easily identify physicians and other medical professionals who value patient education and sharing their expertise to enable patients to better manage their care.

The Directory now highlights dermatologists who have published their own unique perspective on a wide range of skin care issues on its new “Metropolitan Pages” making it easier for patients to identify qualified professionals in their area. Dermatologists within 20 major metropolitan areas are displayed, along with their unique perspective on a variety of dermatology issues of concern to patients.

Denver Dermatologist - Directory of Skin care Experts in Denver coloradoFeatured Dermatologists

Dermatologists enrolled for Vivacare have the opportunity to publish their own patient education handouts or “Tips & Wisdom” for display on the Directory. Custom content published by the Professional increases their visibility online and provides the public with a sense for their experience and unique approach to care.