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Access hundreds of patient education resources to print, display on your website or distribute via email or text.

Patient education during the medical appointment
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What is a Patient Education Toolkit?

The Patient Education Toolkit is a collection of patient education resources regarding the conditions you treat, procedures you perform and medications you prescribe. Content includes:
  • Printable Handouts
  • Videos
  • Learning Guides
  • Self-Care Tools

What does the patient education service provide?

Upon enrolling, you gain access to a “Patient Education Toolkit” with resources that match your specialty. You can print handouts, display the Toolkit own your own website, and download the mobile app to send patients an “Information Prescription”
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Find out why thousands of doctors use Vivacare

have enrolled for Vivacare

Free patient education service

Free service for US medical professionals

Trusted patient education content

Videos, references and patient support tools from multiple esteemed non-commercial sources

Health information with no advertising

No banner ads, pop-ups or other advertisements to patients

Use the Mobile App to Deliver an Information Prescription

Download the VivacareHCP mobile app to easily send selected patient education titles via email or text and manage your content

Who is the patient education service for?

Vivacare is designed for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or any medical professional committed to educating and supporting their patients.

Who provides the content?

Patient education content is provided from a variety of esteemed sources, including federal

health agencies, professional organizations, and disease advocacy organizations.

National Heart, Lung & Blood Insitute

National Rosacea Society

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

National Eczema Association

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Allergy & Asthma Network

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

National Alliance of Mental Illness

Premium patient education service for medical professionals

Upgrade to the Premium service to create your own customizable Patient Education Toolkit with practice marketing features and other benefits.

Personalized Patient Education Toolkit


Brand your Toolkit with your own name, photo or logos

Customizable health information resource


You control the content displayed and can publish your own patiend education content or “Tips & Wisdom”

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Build a Professional Profile to share your expertise and increase your visibility online

Patient Satisfaction Survey


Display a Patient Satisfaction Survey to collect happy responses. You control the comments displayed on your Profile.

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