Mission & Vision

Vivacare is committed to enabling medical professionals to empower their patients. We seek to enhance the physician-patient relationship and improve clinical care.

Our History

Since drawing images for patients on the exam room table paper and authoring some of the first online health references published by WebMD, Dr. Becker has sought ways to share medical information with his patients and others to help them make informed medical decisions and navigate the complexities of their care. Vivacare was started to provide busy medical professionals with the tools to do the same.

Vivacare’s web-based service made it easy for physicians to make their own website and helpful resource for patients and strengthen the physician’s rusted voice online.

The launch of Vivacare mobile app provides more robust functions that support patients and the professionals who care for them.

Vivacare Team

The Vivacare management team is experienced developing a wide range of digital health services for medical professionals.

Mark Becker, M.D. _ Founder, CEO, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mark Becker is a pediatrician and founder of Vivacare. Dr. Becker previously co-founded Salu Inc., a provider of digital health solutions for independent medical practices. Dr. Becker provided clinical direction to the product development team and supported business development efforts with major pharmaceutical firms and esteemed professional organizations, including the American College of Cardiology, AstraZeneca, Biogen and Galderma. Salu Inc. and its Skinstore division was sold to Walgreens.

Joe Hogan. _ VP, Product Management
Joe Hogan has in-depth experience overseeing the development of digital health solutions for medical professionals and health organizations, including EMR and mobile apps. Joe has lead product and technology teams at a variety of firms including Medicalogic, Salu, Medscape, Patient Safe Solutions, Therapeutic Research Center and GoCheckKids.

Mary Ann Walker _ VP, Professional Engagement
Mary Ann Walker manages the customer support team responsible for serving the needs of enrolled professionals and helping them make the most of the Vivacare service. Mary Ann also manages operations in the company’s Portland office.

For more information

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