Medical Expert Directory Enables Professionals To Share Their Expertise

The new Medical Expert Directory from Vivacare enables physicians and other medical professionals to share their expertise and increase their visibility online.

Medical professionals with a Patient Education Toolkit from Vivacare gain access to an in-depth collection of patient education handouts and videos from a wide range of esteemed sources that can be easily distributed to patients. They can also enhance their Patient Education Toolkit with their own patient handouts and “Tips & Wisdom” regarding key clinical topics.

Vivacare also offers a premium-level service with robust practice marketing features, including a Medical Professional Profile and Directory Listing that highlight’s the professional’s medical background, training and expertise.

Now, helpful information published by enrolled Vivacare users is highlighted on the Medical Expert Directory to help inform patients and the local community of the professional’s unique perspective and approach to care.

Doctor Directory and Medical Expertise

Allergists, Dermatologists, Primary Care Providers and others have published their own thoughts on a wide range of clinical issues.

Physicians have contributed their thoughts on the following

Vivacare encourages its medical professionals to integrate their own patient handouts and Tips regarding selected topics with the resources available from Vivacare to create a single, integrated, doctor-recommended resource for their patients.