Mobile App – Send Your Patients an “Information Prescription”

Provide patients health information from the source they trust most….YOU!

It’s easy to deliver patient education content to your patients to help them prepare for their appointments and better manage their care from home.

In just a few taps, you can send patients an “Information Prescription” via email or text.

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Patient Education delivered as an Information Prescription


  • Hundreds of Titles – A wide range of patient education handouts, videos and patient support tools from esteemed sources.
  • Personalized – Your Information Prescription is delivered with your name and photo (optional).
  • Private – Your email address and phone number remain hidden.
  • Customizable – You determine the content delivered.
  • Measurable – View usage reports
  • Printable – Print handouts in the office as needed
  • Free – Yes, it’s free. The Basic service is available at no cost for medicl professionals

 (Opt-in later for the Premium service for access for additional customization and practice marketing features)

Mobile App for Delivering Patient Education
Patient Received Recommended Patient Education


  • Asthma – Send asthma patients videos on how to use an inhaler and an Asthma Action Plan
  • COVID Vaccine – Send patients helpful information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine
  • Mohs Surgery – Send skin cancer patients a video summarizing Mohs Surgery so they come to their appointment knowing what the procedure entails
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Send MS patients information about the importance of disease-modifying therapy and the list of options for their consideration


Upon creating your Vivacare account, you also receive a Patient Education Toolkit that you can access online.


The searchable, web-based Patient Education Toolkit can be integrated onto your own website.

Patient education on website
Patient Education Topics


Hundreds of printable handouts, videos and patient support tools are available to cover the patient education needs of over 15 medical specialties.


Adult Primary Care – Allergy – Cardiology – Dermatology – Endocrinology – Family Medicine – Gastroenterology – Neurology – Nephrology –  Ob/Gyn –  Oncology – Pediatrics – Physical Medicine – Psychiatry – Rheumatology – Urology


The basic Vivacare service is available at no cost to U.S. medical professionals. There is no product advertising and no hidden charges.


Vivacare receives funding from health organizations for the development or distribution of patient education content, such as disease education and management tools.


The source of the content is made clear to you and your patients.


Users may also choose to opt-in for premium-level services for an annual fee. The Premium service provides additional customization and practice marketing features.

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Vivacare Mobile App on the App Store

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