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Available to U.S. medical
professionals at no cost. (Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners)


You control the content and can publish your thoughts on key clinical issues (“Tips & Wisdom”)


Share details about who you are, what you recommend and your unique approach to care.

Trusted Content

Patient education resources are provided from a variety of esteemed health organizations.


No banner ads, pop-ups or other advertisements to patients

Easily build and manage your own website loaded with content and tools to support the patient journey – helping patients learn about your practice, make and prepare for their appointments, access helpful resources to manage their care, and provide feedback regarding their visit.

Your Patient Care Website includes:
Toolkit – Your personalized collection of printable handouts, videos, and other patient education resources to support your patients
Professional Profile – Your online Profile to share your clinical expertise and strengthen your voice online


Offer patients easy access to helpful content and tools from the source they trust most….YOU!



The service is shaped to meet the needs of individual clinicians and medical practices, with resources valued by 15+ medical specialties.

Have your own website? Use Vivacare to enhance your website with patient education content and support tools.

Asthma Patient Education
Skin Cancer Patient Education
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Education
Vaccine Education

Your Professional Profile

Patients want to know who you are and what you recommend

Your Professional Profile enables you to share your clinical expertise and strengthen your online voice.

Patients find you via online search and can schedule an appointment or access helpful resources to prepare. Your Profile is integrated with your Toolkit so patients can access resources about the conditions you treat and procedures you offer.

YOU control how you are depicted online. Share more about yourself and your clinical perspective to increase your visibility online.

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Medical Professional Profile of Allergist Dr. Baker
Medical Professional Profile of dermatologist Dr. Camouse
Medical Professional Profile of dermatologist Dr. Neuhause
Medical Professional Profile of neurologit dr. wheeler

Patient Education for Medical Specialists

Vivacare offers patient education resources tailored to the needs of over 15 medical specialties.

See a selection of different patient education modulesAllergyCardiologyDermatology – Family Medicine – Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine – Nephrology – Neurology – Obstetrics & Gynecology – Ophthalmology – Pediatrics – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Psychiatry – Pulmonology – Rheumatology – Surgery – Urology

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Patient education when it matters

Deliver your recommended patient education resources when its most helpful.

Before the appointment. Learning Guides and FAQs help patients prepare for their appointment, making your time together more meaningful and productive.

After the appointment. Reminders and support tools help patients better manage their condition on an ongoing basis.