Premium Service

Personalize & Customize Your Own Toolkit

Seeking more control of your Toolkit? Upgrade to the Premium service to create your own personalized and customizable Patient Education Toolkit that offers multiple practice marketing features.

Access the same robust collection of patient education resources, but shape the content to support your pratice and reflect your unique approach to care.


  • Display your own name or logo
  • Add your own background images
  • Host the Toolkit at a personalized URL


Make the Toolkit your own

Dental Patient Education Customized


  • Add/remove titles from display
  • Publish your own patient education content
  • Supplement the content with your own “Tips & Wisdom”


Deliver content that reflects your unique approach to care

Medical Expert Tip on Sunscreens

Add a Professional Profile

Publish a Professional Profile to your Toolkit to share your clinical expertise and highlight the conditions you treat and procedures you offer. Patients want to know who you are and what you recommend.

Publish your “Tips & Wisdom” to appear on your Profile and on the Online Directory to increase your visibility online (SEO).


Strengthen your voice online


Medical professional profile of dermatologist

Patient Satisfaction Survey (Optional)

Add a Patient Satisfaction Survey to your Profile to collect patient feedback and display happy responses.


You control the comments displayed on your Profile

Medical Professional Profile of Dr. Baker


Managing your own Toolkit is as simple as creating and managing your LinkedIn Profile or Facebook page.

Log-in to your account, and access a variety of web-based tools to edit your patient education content and Profile.


No programming required

Patient Education management and control

Group Accounts

Are there multiple professionals in your medical practice/health organization that you would like to use your practice-branded Toolkit? The Vivacare service enables multiple professionals to publish their own Profiles and patient education content and be associated with the same Toolkit.

Contact Vivacare for details.

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