Create Your Patient Education Toolkit

Your doctor-recommended resource for patients


Your Toolkit is loaded with 200+ patient education titles from Allergy & Asthma Network and other esteemed sources that makes it easy to deliver the trusted health information your patients need.


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 Key Features

  • Personalized – The Toolkit is branded with your name, logo or photo.
  • Customizable – You control the content displayed and can publish your own patient education resources to the Toolkit
  • Measurable – View usage reports
  • Printable – Print handouts in the office as needed
  • Deliver via Email or Text – It’s easy to send content to patients before or after their appointments.

FREE SERVICE. The Premium-level service, normally $180/year, is available at no cost for professional members of Allergy & Asthma Network.


Your Premium account offers additional features:
  • Professional Profile – The Toolkit includes a Profile page that highlights your medical expertise and increases your visibility online



  • Tips & Wisdom – Share a few quick thoughts on health topics to show your unique approach to care and increase your visibility online


  • Patient Survey – Easily collect feedback from patients and display happy responses on your Profile page



Add your own patient education content to the Toolkit to create a single, integrrated, easy-to-use resource for patients.


Its as easy as making an update to your Facebook account.


Or….email Vivacare your patient handouts or videos and we will publish them for you.

Deliver via Email or Text

It takes just a few clicks to deliver your recommended resources to patients before or after their appointments.

Simply log-in to you account, or use the new Vivacare mobile app.



  • Private – Your email address and phone number remain hidden. Patients cannot reply to your message.
  • Personalized – Your message is delivered with your name and photo
  • Measurable – See if your message has been viewed


Create Your Toolkit. Then Download the Vivacare Mobile App


Display the Toolkit on Your Website


Enhance your own website with in-depth patient education resources to support your patients and their families.


The Toolkit has been designed as a plug-in and can be integrated in a variety of ways.


Our customer support team is avaialble to assist you or your office manager.


Easy to Use

 Managing your own Toolkit is as simple as creating and managing your LinkedIn Profile or Facebook page.

Log-in to your account and access a variety of web-based tools to edit your patient education content and Profile.

Allergy & Asthma Network

The patient education service is made available to members of Allergy & Asthma Network.

For assistance or questions, contact Vivacare.