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Medical Professional ExpertPatients want to know who you are and what you recommend.

Your customizable Professional Profile enables you to share your clinical perspective and unique approach to care, strengthening your online voice.

  • Patients can find you via online search and then schedule an appointment
  • Educate patients about the conditions you treat and procedures/services you offer.

Personalize your profile with your photo, logo and details about the conditions you treat and procedures you offer.

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Personalize your Profile with your own perspective on key clinical issues. For instance, you might share your tips on selecting sunscreen, or your thoughts on the importance of starting disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis.

The more clinical expertise you share…the greater visibility you gain online.

Medical Expert Tips and Wisdom

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Learn how you might improve patient care and collect positive responses that you can share on your Profile.

Your Profile includes a patient satisfaction survey that collects responses to three 10-point scale questions and feedback from patients.

YOU CONTROL which comments appear on your Profile.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Don’t wish to collect feedback from your patients? Simply remove the survey from display.

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