Vivacare FAQs

Learn about the Vivacare service and how it can be shaped to support your practice and patients.

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What is the Health Library?

The Health Library is a collection of patient education handouts and videos designed for display on your practice website.

Your Health Library is personalized with your name (or practice name) and found at a unique URL. Example:

The Library is loaded with content relevant to your medical specialty that you can further customize.

The content you choose to display on your Health Library is also distribute through your mobile app to patients.

Is the service really free? How?

Yes. The Vivacare patient education service is available at no cost for U.S. medical professionals. There are no fees nor hidden charges. There is no product advertising. No pop-ups. No banners.

Vivacare receives financial support from health organizations and medical publishers that fund disease education programs or pay to distribute their patient education resources through the Vivacare platform. The source of the content is made clear to you and your patients.

Vivacare also offers its professional users the option to upgrade their mobile app to the premium-level service.  This is an optional annual fee.

What are key features of my Health Library?

Features of the Health Education Library

Your patient education content is displayed in a user-friendly manner with the following key features:

  • Personalized – Your name or practice name appears at the top of each page
  • Customizable – You can add/remove content from display or publish your own handouts to the Library. You can also supplement a handout with your own “expert opinion” that shows on the margin of the page (See an expert opinion regarding Sunscreen Recommendations)
  • Printable – Health references are readily available for print in your office or by patients at home.
  • Organized & Searchable – Content is organized into disease education “Centers”, such as “Asthma” and “Diabetes” and accessible via an easy-to-use search function.
  • Social Media Sharing – Titles can be easily shared through your social media channels to add health education resources to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.
  • No advertising – There are no banner ads displayed for patients.

Learn more about the patient education content and sources

How do I manage content displayed on my Health Library?

Log-in to your Vivacare account with your username and password.

Go to the “Your Health Library” section view the titles available in your account. These can be sorted alphabetically, by Source, or by Center.

Add or remove the checks in the “Displayed” column to control the content that appears on your Library.

Click on the “edit” column to publish your own content regarding that topic.

Can I publish my own content to my Health Library?

Yes. You can publish your own patient handouts to your Health Library or supplement the content with your own medical expert opinion.

Vivacare is designed for you to share your professional expertise online, in your own words.

What does the InfoRx mobile app offer?

The mobile app delivers doctor-recommended resources into the hands of your patients, along with contact information about your practice. This provides them an innovative service that helps them to better manage their health and stay engaged with their care.

The patient education content distributed through the mobile app is the same as that displayed on the Health Library. Changes made to the patient education content within the Health Library is reflected on the mobile app.

Patients download the InfoRx app from the App Store at and then enter your unique “code” to view your personalized resources.

You have the option to upgrade the mobile app to the premium service for additional features.

What are key features of the basic mobile app?

The basic mobile app displays patient handouts and videos that you have chosen to make available to patients.

The mobile app is personalized with your practice name and photo or logo. It also displays your contact information on the “About” tab.

The app also provides access to medication rebates and savings.

What are key features of the premium mobile app?

The mobile app can be upgraded to the premium-level service for an annual fee (no set up costs). Contact Vivacare for pricing.

In addition to the patient education content, the premium app offers the following:

  • Ability to deliver practice announcement via Push Notification, such as new services, new doctors, clinical trial recruitment, or health tips
  • Collection of patient satisfaction survey and view of aggregate results. Learn about the patient satisfaction survey
  • Detailed practice information, such as staff bios/photos, practice locations/digital maps, and links to the patient portal

Can I use Vivacare if I work in a large health organization?

Yes. Medical professionals that work in large organizations, such as hospitals, academic centers and multi-specialty practices, can still benefit from Vivacare.

You can create a Health Library to fulfill your own patient care needs or those of your department.

You can add the Library to your profile page and share the content via social media.

You can also take advantage of the mobile app and offer your own patients access to an innovative service.

Does Vivacare build practice websites?

No. The Vivacare Health Library can be displayed on a practice website, but it does not offer the same benefits as a custom-built website.

Needing assistance building a practice website? Contact Vivacare for suggestions.

How do I display my Health Library on my practice website?

Learn more about adding patient education resources onto your website

Toll-free and email support is available to assist with website integration

Does the Vivacare service integrate with patient portals?

Contact Vivacare for more information. 1-800-279-2991.

Why should I sign up for Vivacare?

Your patients are becoming increasingly responsible for making their own healthcare decisions. They need to know…

  • What that test result means
  • What to expect after taking that medication you prescribed
  • What other lifestyle changes they can make to manage their condition

And they want that information from YOU…the source they trust most for their medical care.

You don’t have time to answer every question or review every page they have downloaded from the Internet. You need an easy and effective way to provide your patients with the information they need to better manage their own health and that is consistent with your approach to care. You need Vivacare.

And patients want you to have Vivacare. In a 2011 online survey of 105 patients, 65.2% stated that they were “most likely” to refer to their own doctor’s Website when seeking health information. (Over WebMD (48%), Wikipedia (23%), federal health agencies (27%) insurance companies (18%) and pharmaceutical firms (5%).)