The basic service is available at no cost to U.S. medical professionals. There is no product advertising and no hidden charges.

Vivacare receives funding from health organizations for the development or distribution of patient education content.

The source of the content is made clear to you and your patients.

Upon enrolling for the Vivacare service, you will receive your own User account with a unique code.

You log-in to your User Account to personalize your mobile app and customize the patient education content.

When ready, start recommending that your patients download the mobile app to access helpful resources.

Patients download the Vivacare mobile app and then enter your code to view your practice information and recommended content.

  • Patient education for the waiting room and at home.
  • Timely reminders, such as monthly skin cancer check reminders
  • Health tips from you, such as sunscreen recommendations
  • Medication savings
  • Practice information, such as your office locations and staff profiles

The Vivacare mobile app is first launching on the AppStore for iPhone only. It is presently being developed for Android devices and should be available in Google Play within a few months.

Patients are asked to select the reason for their office visit. Relevant information is provided to help them understand key issues and ask informed questions. For example, a patient with an appointment for Mohs Surgery consultation will be provided the “Mohs Surgery 101” module to learn the basics of the procedure before meeting with the Mohs surgeon.

Log-in to your User Account to make the following changes (optional):

  • Patient Education
    • Add/remove patient education titles
    • Publish your own patient education handouts
    • Supplement the content with our own expertise
  • Practice Information
    • Display your logo
    • Add/edit practice locations
    • Add/edit staff profiles and photos
    • Add a link to your patient portal
    • More

Be sure that your staff and colleagues know about the mobile app and routinely recommend its use to patients. Patients can be informed of the mobile app at check-in or as they leave the practice.

You can announce your mobile app via social media (Facebook, Twitter) and through other patient communications (newsletter)

You can display your Vivacare Health Library on your practice website with its “Download Our App” feature that informs visitors of your mobile app.

Contact Vivacare for tear-off sheets and posters to help patients learn about your mobile app. (Supplies limited)

Patient education content includes printable handouts, videos and support tools, such as symptom diaries

Your mobile app also offers structured “learning modules”, such as Acne 101 and Asthma 101.

Your Health Library offers links to trusted 3rd party sources of health information, such as federal health agencies and professional organizations.

A learning module is a collection of content that guides your patients through key points in a step-wise fashion. A module may include questions to ensure that the patient has gained mastery of the content.

The patient is informed of content he/she has finished and directed to additional information of interest.

See example of Asthma 101

Vivacare has authored, licensed and collected patient education content from a variety of trusted sources, including:

Some content is licensed from medical publishers or provided by pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, such as a handout about a particular device or medication.

The source of the content is made clear to patient and within your User Account where you can select the content.

Any content that does not reflect your approach to clinical care can be removed from display.

NOTE: There is no advertising displayed on the Health Library.

Upon enrolling for your Vivacare patient education account, you will also receive a web-based “Health Library” with a collection of patient education resources for display on your practice website.

Your Health Library is personalized with your name (or practice name) and found at a unique URL. Example:

Patient education on website

You can make own website an in-depth resource for your patients, their families and your community.

Option A – Insert the Library into an iFrame

Display the Library within an iFrame so that visitors do not leave your site. Examples of practice website using an iFrame.

Patient Education displayed in Frame

Option B – Display a Widget on your site

Vivacare provides you with a snippet of code to display disease education image links and a search function that lead from your website to your personalized Health Library.

Toll-free and email support available to assist with website integration.

Yes. The Vivacare service is designed to work for both individual clinicians and as an enterprise solution for medical practices.

First create your Vivacare account for the primary contact, or person who will be responsible for managing the service. Then add staff members and their profile information to the account.  Selected staff members may be provided Administrative privileges.

Contact Vivacare if you plan on using the Vivacare service for a health organization of more than 10 medical professionals.

Is Vivacare right for your practice?