Surgical Patient Education from the American College of Surgeons

Helping Surgeons to Educate their Patients before & After their Procedure

The American College of Surgeons offers its surgical patient education resources to ACS members through the Vivacare digital platform.


ACS members that enroll for Vivacare receive a personalized “Patient Education Toolkit” loaded with hundreds of printable handouts and videos regarding a wide range of surgical conditions and procedures. Surgeons can then easily deliver the content to patients via:


  • Print the content in the office as needed
  • Email or text without disclosing their own their own email address of phone number.
  • Display on their own practice website.

Provide patients with surgical information from the source they trust most…their own surgeon!

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Patient education titles from the American College of Surgeons
Sample Collection of Patient Education Titles

What Surgeons Get

The service delivers point of care surgical education to help patients understand the procedure, make informed decisions, and confidently manage their entire perioperative experience from prep to home care.


Upon enrolling, surgeons receive a “Patient Education Toolkit”, a website at a unique website address (URL), that is personalized with the surgeon’s name and loaded with helpful resources relevant to their surgical specialty. Specialties include:


  • General Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
Surgical patient education from the American college of Surgeons

The surgeon’s name appears at the top of all pages online and in print


Surgeons control the content and can publish their own handouts or add their your own “Tips & Wisdom”

Trusted content

Videos, Self-Care Guides and additional resources provided from the American College of Surgeons and other esteemed health organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Information from YOU

The patient education content covers a wide range of topics to help patients better understand their procedures and manage their care from home.

  • PROCEDURE BROCHURES (Appendecomy, Cholecystectomy, Hernia Repair)
  • PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONS (Colonoscopy Prep, Prepare for Colectomy)
  • VIDEOS (Breast Cancer Surgery, Lung Operation)
  • SELF-CARE GUIDES (Central Lines, Feeding Tubes, Ostomy Care)
The program was reviewed by the Patient Education Committee and the Patient Education Governor’s Workgroup and Advisory Councils.
Surgical Patient Education Toolkit

Easily Deliver to Patients

The services makes it easy for surgeons to direct patients to their doctor-recommended resources.

  • Display the Toolkit on their Website
  • Print handouts as needed
  • Direct patients to their Toolkit via posters or a checklist
  • Deliver recommended resources via email or text.

Surgeon’s control the content displayed on their Toolkit

Surgeons can easily add/remove titles and publish their own patient education handouts and videos to their Toolkit.  Share their expertise and unique approach to care.


Simply log-in to your User Account to add/remove titles from display, publish your own Tips, and personalize your Profile.

Enhance Your Website or Hospital Listing


Already have a practice website or listing on a hospital website? It’s easy to make it better with in-depth resources for your patients.


Your Toolkit has been engineered to be integrated into a variety of websites and webpages.


For technical support, contact Vivacare at or 1-800-279-2991 #0.