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Our Educational Resources

More than 1,500 handouts, videos, and other educational resources available from trusted sources, including medical publishers, health organizations, and government health agencies (NIH, CDC).

Content includes Spanish-language resources, symptom tracking tools, medication savings, and more.


Your Website

Your personalized content is available to print, share on a mobile device, and display on your own website.

Make your own website the "go-to" place for health information.

Quickly add or remove titles from display or publish your own handouts online.

You can further customize the content by commenting on specific topics.


Superior Patient Care

Provide patients and their families with health information from the source they trust most... you.

The service is free for physicians and other medical professionals. There are no hidden charges and now banner advertisements to patients.

Enroll in just a few minutes. Your account is activated within 1 business day.

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